Park Street Dundalk

The first lecture in the Old Dundalk Society (ODS) Spring series ‘Park Street, Dundalk Its People and Its History’ took place at the Town Hall Dundalk on Thursday 15th of February and was an outstanding success.  The lecture was given by local man        Frank O’ Callaghan, which was superbly delivered to an audience of over 300 people. The lecture focused on the history of Park Street and its residents both present and past. Park street is one of the oldest and most vibrant streets in the town, and Frank explored some of the fascinating stories and landmarks that make Park Street a unique and important part of Dundalk’s heritage. As part of his research, Frank embellished his presentation with stories from some of the current and past residents and business owners of Park Street, who shared their experiences and perspectives on living and working on this historic street at the event. Frank created his own piece of social history on the evening, by presenting his historical lecture to one of largest audiences ever to attend such a lecture in the Town Hall for many years. A delighted audience enjoyed the journey through time and space about the people and places that shaped Park Street, Dundalk. This is the first in a series of planned lectures by the ODS which will be presented over the coming months.